My Capstone Project – Moodle interface as a website!?

Getting back to blogging after a short gap as I got very busy with the project work. Before I begin about the different phases of my project development, I would like to put down a few details about the Moodle LMS and it’s advantages. Wow! Am I impressed with the ease of use.

5 top benefits

1. It is Open Source, it is free to download always. Thanks to an Australian educator, Martin Dougiamas.

2. To develop a course or edit them, you don’t need to know any programming. However, if you have a green thumb for coding, then feel free to change the  interface look with your CSS knowledge.

3. Incorporating multimedia components is easy.

4. Lot many tools available (quizzes, polls, web resource, lesson, book etc.)

5. Survey inclusive.

Making the interface as a website!

Although, there are many advantages of Moodle, just one point was disappointing for me, which was – developing the entire course in modules that is already numbered. It might be annoying for the user to keep scrolling. However, I was not going to take a ‘NO’ for an answer, and so I figured out that by adding ‘Web Resource’ for every single course topic, you can make the moodle interface look like a website with a left nav and a middle frame. (more on that soon).

There are many elements that can be included or hidden in your course work, for eg, Activity, Blog menu, etc. These elements are called as ‘Adding Blocks’. My favorite and the most useful block is ‘Adding HTML Block’. Once you add the HTML block in your course, then you are free to add your own coding. And so, I added a Navigation HTML block and inside that I added HTML coding to include buttons for the left nav. Now, I have a Left nav with buttons and a middle frame for content.

Left Nav

Button 1

Button 2

Button 3

Middle Frame


Even adding any activity inside a single HTML page is easy. Add another web resource to give that as a link from the needed space. I wish I could show you how I did in a small tutorial. Unfortunately, the course that I am developing has a copyright so it may not be possible. Even so, I’ll see how I can show this easy method soon.


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