I am almost there!!….My Capstone Project.

Wow…Just a few more months and I’ll have Masters in my Resume. It feels great…can’t wait for that big day.

The final touch to get the degree is my capstone project. I am developing an online course for my University. This is the second time I am designing a course for the ESU’s Instructional Design & Technology dept.

My first course was ‘How to write Objectives’ and it’s being used for the IDT coursework. This time the project that I have taken is to create an ‘Online Orientation’ for the new IDT students. The online orientation will be a great resource for the incoming students. I am planning to include multimedia tutorials, video etc. I am already excited to see the final product.

I was given a choice to choose the technology to create the course; web-based, multimedia module (Captivate) or Blackboard/Moodle. Since I have already developed in web-based as well as Captivate, I chose to explore LMS; Moodle or Blackboard, I was open to both. Upon suggestion from my professor, I took Moodle as the user interface is more flexible than Blackboard. So, here I am exploring and learning Moodle everyday as I develop my course.

Watch this space for periodic updates as my project progresses!


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