Learning Indian Music Online?!!

Surprising ah? Well…providing online music lessons is not new to Abhijit Patronobis, who had succeeded to create an e-learning module, Anandadhara, which is dedicated to Rabindra Sangeet in 2003. This is a portal where one can not only sing but also learn the Tagore song’s. Numerous music lovers across the globe took advantage of this distance learning program on music.

Gangubai, Indian classical singer, age 94; http://www.flickr.com

Just a few hours back, I attended a webinar conducted by Mr. Abhijit Patronobis and IDCI community. The audience got to see the music E-learning module developed by him. He demonstrated one song session, and explained how a student can learn their favorite song with perfect notes and tune without having a live teacher in front of them. Students can also get to know the meaning of every single word by clicking on the words and moreover perfect their pronunciation. Though the evaluation part might be a little concern for the students but there was a solution for it too. The student records his/her notes and sends it to the teacher. The teacher plays it on her side, notes down the correction, records her evaluation and sends it back to the student. How simple is that?!!

The technology has broken down the barriers of distance to music lovers. Shadja.com is another amazing website that brings great musicians to your home, certainly a dream come true for students worldwide.

Are you ready to learn those beautiful ragas from your home?

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4 comments on “Learning Indian Music Online?!!

  1. Thanks for the write-up.

    I believe most forms of performing arts can be brought into the ambit of e-learning these days. I am coaxing a magician to teach magic on-line.

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