Avatars – When to add?

I am fortunate to get an internship in this economy. And when it would add up credits towards my Masters, it’s a bonus! I am geared with Photoshop CS4 and Captivate CS4 to work on the multimedia tutorials that I have to develop by the end of this semester.

Two weeks back I started to work on the first multimedia tutorial with task analysis and right now I am onto the story board. This is the most fun part but at the same time challenging. The task is to create an E-learning tutorial on a ‘How to’ subject (can’t disclose).

I began a lot of research, thanks to Google. At last I came up to a conclusion to use ‘Avatars’ to enhance the learning and get connected with the target audience. However, I wasn’t sure, how many avatars would be too many. That’s when I posted my query in Linked In and wow! What a response. The networking sites are the best place to get quick expert advice. Click on these links to learn the aesthetics of designing with or without avatars/characters/clipart art etc.


I sincerely thank all the experts who took their valued time to explain me.  After reading all of their experiences, It has come to my knowledge that adding Avatar calls for  a purpose in the tutorial. Avatar without a voice-over or an animation not only annoys the learner but also doesn’t count towards the aesthetic of E-learning design.


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