How does your role as an instructional designer change when switching from traditional classroom group delivery of instruction to Web-based instruction? How does the design process change?

In the mode of WBT an Instructional Designer (ID) understands that there is no face to face interaction between faculty and a student. With that in mind, there are many other points that an ID has to consider in WBT.

  • A balance between the use of technology and instruction needs has to be created.
  • Appropriate usage of technology has to be considered in order to enhance learning.
  • An ID has to understand the needs of target audience and work around it.
  • In WBT objectives of a course has to be clearly expressed.
  • A well structured curriculum is the demand in WBT.
  • Theories of instruction should be adhered.
  • An ID has to take into consideration either synchronous or asynchronous type of delivery.
  • An ID has to focus on how to design the course such that student’s attention is captured and directed towards the learning process.
  • An ID should be ever ready to adapt the latest learning strategies to web technology.

The focus of the design process in WBT mode is more on flexibility, accessibility and convenience of the learners. The top priority is providing them with easily accessible design without losing the values of pedagogy.

I came across these websites regarding the topic –


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